Women's Voices in Ukrainian Literature

Warm the Children, O Sun

Warm the Children O Sun Cover

Selected Prose Fiction by

Olena Pchilka (1849-1930)
Nataliya Kobrynska (1855-1920)
Lyubov Yanovska (1861-1933)
Olha Kobylianska (1863-1942)
Hrytsko Hryhorenko (1867-1924)
Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913)

Translated by Roma Franko
Edited by Sonia Morris

©1998 Language Lanterns Publications
ISBN 0-9683899-4-5 (v.5)

The fifth volume in a series devoted to English translations of selected literary works of Ukrainian women authors from 1850 to the present day.

This volume draws on the writings of six of the authors from Volumes I through IV. It's an anthology of stories that illuminate the lives of children and adolescents in the class society of the day, a society in which people were rigidly divided into the powerful and the oppressed, the privileged and the poor, and the educated and the ignorant.

Children were born into the status of their parents, and it was this status that constrained the interplay between inherited characteristics and culture, and determined how individual lives would play themselves out. Vertical mobility was not a social value, and although issues of justice and fairness tormented the odd adolescent, maturity was expected to bring with it an unquestioning acceptance of one's fate.

Warm the Children, O Sun Contents:

Olena Pchilka Biographical Sketch

Nataliya Kobrynska Biographical Sketch

Lyubov Yanovska Biographical Sketch

Olha Kobylianska Biographical Sketch

Hrytsko Hryhorenko Biographical Sketch

Lesya Ukrainka Biographical Sketch


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