Excerpts from a review of
Women’s Voices in Ukrainian Literature


"... this recently published English translation offers diaspora Ukrainians a much awaited chance to enjoy Ukrainian literature without the aid of Ukrainian-English dictionaries..."

"'Women's Voices' is one of the first English translations of work by Ukrainian women writers..."

"The collection is not exclusively devoted to a strict feminist agenda. It also reflects the vibrant intelligentsia-led populist movement prevalent in the 19th century. While established writers once found creative inspiration within the confines of upper class life, these four women embraced the populist belief that social injustices and rural life could provide literary inspiration. They scandalized the wealthy urban conservatives with their warm stories of simple peasant traditions and with their harsh criticism of the ruling rich."

"The  series 'Women's Voices' initiates the reader into what for many is the untrodden territory of Ukrainian women's writing. It gives people a chance to read some of the best women's writing Ukraine has to offer. Most importantly it dispels the notion that Ukrainian literature is arcane and foreign and turns it into something accessible and easily appreciated."

by Sophia Peniak

This review appeared in the Fall 1999 edition of "Zdorov."

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