A Hunger Most Cruel:
The Human Face of the 1932-1933 Terror-Famine in Soviet Ukraine

Short Stories by
Anatoliy Dimarov
Yevhen Hutsalo
Olena Zvychayna

Translated by Roma Franko
Edited by Sonia Morris

© 2002 Language Lanterns Publications
ISBN 0-9683899-7-X

Language Lanterns is proud to add this slim volume to the information that is being compiled and made widely available as the 70th anniversary of the terror-famine in Soviet Ukraine is being commemorated throughout the world.

Intended for the general reader, this volume features the works of three authors who brought their literary talents to bear on the terror-famine that ravaged areas of Soviet Ukraine during the period of forced collectivization. The juxtaposition of their complementary perspectives and the unflinching honesty of their depictions of the horrific events around which their narratives are constructed create a compelling set of vivid, disturbing, and haunting images of the human toll that this ideologically motivated artificial famine exacted.

A Hunger Most Cruel Contents:

Anatoliy Dimarov Biographical Note

Yevhen Hutsalo Biographical Note

Olena Zvychayna Biographical Note


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