Women's Voices in Ukrainian Literature

From Heart to Heart

Selected Prose Fiction by
Hrytsko Hryhorenko (1867-1924)
Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913)


Hrytsko Hryhorenko

Biographical Sketch 2
The Lives of Our Peasants  
     Old Man - Young Man 4
     Who Outwitted Whom? 35
     The Madwoman 80
     The Father 116
They Lived for Themselves Alone 160
She Just Won't Die 187
Why, Oh Why...? 211
Sketches 215
A Juxtaposition 218
From Heart to Heart 221
Travel Sketches  
     The Engine Driver 234
     The Artful Man 239
     The Little Nun 242
     A Brief Moment 248
     One Night 251
Why Do They Laugh at Him? 259
You Say There Is No Idealism Now 276
The Lonely Hero 279

Lesya Ukrainka

Biographical Sketch 286
Christmas Eve 288
The Moth 291
Spring Songs 294
It is Late 300
The Only Son 303
The School 328
Happiness 337
A City of Sorrow 341
The Farewell 348
Sonorous Strings 356
A Letter to a Distant Shore 371
By the Sea 375
The Blind Man 410
The Apparition 417
The Mistake 421
A Moment 444
The Conversation 448
The Enemies 468

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Translated by Roma Franko; Edited by Sonia Morris

Hrytsko Hryhorenko Biographical Sketch

Lesya Ukrainka Biographical Sketch


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