Ukrainian Male Authors 1860-1900

From Days Gone By


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Selected Short Fiction by

Yuriy Fedkovych (1834-1888)
Ivan Franko (1856-1916)
Borys Hrinchenko (1863-1910)
Hnat Khotkevych (1863-1910)
Oleksander Konysky (1836-1900)
Panteleymon Kulish (1819-1897)
Bohdan Lepky (1872-1941)
Panas Myrny (1849-1920)
Oleksa Storozhenko (1805-1874)
Sydir Vorobkevych (1836-1903)

Translated by Roma Franko
Edited by Sonia Morris

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ISBN 978-0-9735982-5-4


Yuriy Fedkovych

Who Is To Blame? 11
The Opryshok


The Dnister's Vortex 28
The Soldier's Daughter 41

Ivan Franko

Mykytych's Oak Tree 51
The Gypsies 68
It's His Own Fault 82
The Forest Nymph 93

Borys Hrinchenko

A Dearth of Grain 100
Little Sister Halya 116
The Hut in the Valley 126

Hnat Khotkevych

From Days Gone By 161

Oleksander Konysky

A Torment Soul 193

Panteleymon Kulish

The Proud Couple 225
A Maiden's Heart 236

Bohdan Lepky

In the Forest 258
The Mother 269
The Deceased 277
Revenge 283

Panas Myrny

Ensnared by the Evil One 290
The Thief 329

Oleksa Storozhenko

The Married Devil 351
The Devil's Tavern 356
The Fated One 364
The Miller 376

Sydir Vorobkevych

The Gypsy Girl 389
Glossary 400
Biographical Notes 406

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